What is felting? Quite simply, "Felting" refers to treating a knitted object, such as a purse or a pair of slippers in a way that turns them into the dense, strong fabric we know as "Felt."

Originally felt was made by boiling the woolen fabric and then pounding it with clubs. Fortunately, things are easier today, and you can use your own washing machine to achieve the same results

You do need to use a high quality, 100% wool yarn - if there is any synthetic in the yarn it will not work

We recommend the following yarns, and have included a number of patterns for you to try

Have Fun Felting!!!

Please note that your order will be filled by hand, not by a machine. We pay very close attention to things like dye lots, and if we can not fill your order with the same lot number, we will never substitute a yarn without your permission to do so. Make sure that you do give us your telephone number and/or email address on the order form so that we can contact you in that event.
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